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Junior Cycle History

Junior Cycle history is a wide ranging course, aiming to provide students with an overall view of the most significant developments in human history from the development of farming by Neolithic man, through the Romans, the Renaissance, Revolutions, the Second World War, to the development of the European Union.

Junior Cycle History places the student at the centre of the learning process. It allows for new ways of learning about History and a broader range of historical skills to be assessed. The study of History at Junior Cycle aims to enable students to see the relevance of the past in the modern world, allowing them to engage more meaningfully in current local, national and international issues. Students also enjoy learning about interesting human experiences in the past and how they have impacted on and shaped the world we live in today.

It will help you to better understand the world in which you live. You will gain experience of working with evidence and learn to tell the difference between fact and opinion. History is a very practical subject because it involves learning about people, countries, societies and cultures. History can help you in many different careers, especially those linked with heritage, tourism, research and the environment.

Students who enjoy History tend to be those who wish to discover more about the people who have shaped the world in which we live; students who have an acquiring mind and are interested in discovering how one event tends to follow on from another; students who like a good story; and students who have strong English language skills.

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