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Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle Irish builds upon the language developed during primary education. The learner’s vocabulary is both reinforced and enriched at this stage and the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, spoken interaction and writing) are further developed. Emphasis is placed on promoting and developing awareness: language awareness, cultural awareness as well as student self-awareness as a language learner

Classroom Based Assessment 1 : Language Portfolio

Students will create a language portfolio with samples of their work. The language portfolio focuses on the language learning process and places the student and their learning journey at the centre of teaching, learning and assessment. This gives students an opportunity to set personal learning goals, showcase their work, reflect on the work and view progress.

Classroom Based Assessment 2 : Communicative Task

The Communicative task gives students the opportunity to choose a subject, topic or issue they are interested or which is important to them, and explore it over a period of time. In this task, strong emphasis is placed on the student’s oral competency and interaction and their link to the language community. Students may choose any one of the following formats to complete the task: interview, role play, presentation, drama, or conversation in response to a stimulus. Students can work individually, in pairs or in a group for this task.

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Members of the Castleisland Community College Student Council who have been cited, with their guidance counsellor, Juanite Lovett, as being instrumental in the college gaining its fourth Ambassador School Award. Included are from
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